Registered NDIS Provider
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Ozcare is proud to be a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, supporting Queenslanders living with a disability to stay active and keep doing the things they love.

Our experienced team provide an extensive range of supports under the NDIS.  At Ozcare, we focus on your abilities and strengths, rather than the things you aren’t able to do. Using these as a base, we work with you to find ways to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

With Ozcare as your NDIS provider you can expect:

  • Access to an extensive range of NDIS supports
  • Expert support tailored to your individual needs and preferences
  • Regular carers
  • A single point of contact for anything NDIS related
  • 25+ years’ experience

NDIS Supports
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As a registered NDIS provider, we offer a number of the support categories available under NDIS. These are:

Assistance with daily life

Having support with everyday tasks such as getting ready for the day or cleaning the house allows you to live independently at home with assistance from our caring and experienced staff.

If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘Core Supports’, you are able to access supports for daily activities and household tasks using your NDIS plan.


Daily personal activities

We provide assistance with a range of everyday activities in the comfort of your home, supporting you to learn the skills needed to be as independent as possible. We are also able to provide these supports to people with complex needs. Personal activities can include:

  • Showering or bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Personal hygiene
  • Going to the toilet
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Help with eating
  • Moving around the house

      Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement

      If you live in a house with other people, we can also help you with everyday tasks, supporting you to develop the skills you need to live as independently as possible. We can also provide respite care, day or night, to allow your carer to take a break, study, work, or go to appointments.

      Household tasks

      Having a clean, well maintained home is essential for your health and wellbeing. If you have trouble with household tasks, we can support you with:

      • Cleaning
      • Laundry
      • Dishwashing
      • Spring cleaning
      • House maintenance, such as window cleaning
      • Preparing meals for you to cook


          Getting to and from school, work, or travelling around your community can be difficult if you’re not able to drive or use public transport because of your disability.

          If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘transport’ in your NDIS plan, you can access this support as part of your plan.


          Assistance with travel/transport arrangements

          We provide you with safe, convenient transport, scheduled in advance to help you get to:

          • School or another educational facility
          • Work
          • Your doctor or other medical appointments
          • Your local shopping centre
          • Around your community

              An Ozcare staff member will drive you to your appointment or another place in the community and take you back home when you’re finished. Our transport services are booked on an ongoing basis, such as a weekly trip to the shops or regular medical appointments.

              Assistance with Social & Community Participation

              Get more involved with your community, be social, and participate in recreational activities with our range of social and community supports designed to help you enjoy your hobbies, see your friends, and have some fun.

              If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘Core Supports’, you are able to access ‘social and community participation’ activities using your NDIS plan.


              Participation in community, social and civic activities

              Join in community, social and civic activities in your area with support from our friendly carers who will be with you every step of the way, helping you participate, and strengthening your ability to participate independently. Together we’ll find activities that you can join and help you get the most from them.

              Ipswich Disability Services – Mozart Program

              Our Ipswich Disability Services are centered around an exciting calendar of group-based activities. The calendar is driven by client interest and can be accessed flexibly based on your individual preferences for the range of activities on offer. You will meet like-minded people in a supportive, fun environment and get to enjoy new experiences.

              Our unique Mozart Program is very popular due to our diverse range of activities that have broad appeal. Our clients help us put together a changing calendar of safe and enjoyable activities which include art, recreation, social, sporting and adventure pursuits. You won’t have any time to be bored, from attending the Ekka to visiting Willowbank Raceway, you can expect to have fun and:

              • Discover recreational activities and clubs in your local community
              • Develop and enhance your recreational skills and abilities
              • Try new things you may not otherwise be able to access
              • Make new friends and establish new peer support networks

              Group and centre based activities

              Ozcare has day respite centres located around Queensland that provide you with a fun, social outing where you’ll get to meet new people and get involved with our activities. We proudly run programs for NDIS participants.

              Whether you like to have a dance, do some craft, or borrow books from the library, we have something for everyone. We often go on excursions to have a picnic or visit a local attraction, or have people come to our centre to perform for us. Our activities are designed to be enjoyed by everyone and we can offer you support to join in if you need it.

              Our cooks provide a delicious morning tea and lunch for you to enjoy, and cater for all dietary requirements. If you need help getting here, we can help with that too. Most of our day respite centres offer transport to and from your home, if you live in surrounding suburbs.

              If you’d like to visit one of our day respite centres before you join, call your nearest centre for a tour.

              Coordination of Supports

              Be in charge of your NDIS plan and your life is made easier with services and training designed to strengthen your ability to find and manage services, resolve issues, and make changes to achieve your goals.

              If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘coordination of supports’ in your NDIS plan, you can access the supports below.


              Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports

              We can provide short term or ongoing support to strengthen your ability to coordinate your supports, manage your life independently, and participate in your community. You can access help with:

              • Connecting you with service providers suitable for your needs
              • Coordinating your supports and managing your NDIS plan
              • Planning for changes around work, study, or other aspects of your life

              Improved Health & Wellbeing

              Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan allows us to live life to its fullest, but it can be difficult to know where to start or ensure that our meals are meeting all our needs.

              If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘improved health & wellbeing’ in your NDIS plan, you can access the supports below.


              Exercise physiology and physical wellbeing activities

              Our team of specialist dietitians and exercise physiologists work with you to increase your physical wellbeing through:

              • Meal plans that take into account your specific needs, as well as your likes / dislikes
              • Exercise plans tailored to your routine, with a focus on developing strength and mobility

              Our allied health professionals can work individually with you, or in a group, and provide you with the tools you need to improve your health and wellbeing.

              Improved Daily Living

              Get support to improve or get the skills needed to live as independently as possible at home, and participate more in your community.

              If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘improved daily living’ in your NDIS plan, you can access the supports below.


              Individual assessment and therapy

              If you need equipment or assistive technology to live more independently or for accessing the community, our health professionals can assess and provide support in finding the best equipment suited to your needs and disability.

              Community nursing care for high needs

              If you need specialist nursing care relating to your disability, our registered nurses will come to your home to provide training to you, your carer, or our care staff to ensure that you have the skills and support you need to live independently at home.

              We also provide assistance with managing continence concerns through assessment and recommendation from one of our skilled registered nurses.

              If you require nursing that is not related to your disability, please contact us on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) to discuss options that may be available to you.

              Development of daily living and life skills

              If you would like assistance to develop the skills needed to get ready for the day, manage your life, and travel independently, we can assist you to learn how to manage:

              • Showering, dressing, and other personal care tasks
              • Household tasks including cleaning and cooking
              • Life skills including budgeting and meal planning
              • Travel and transport, including using public transport

                Therapeutic supports

                We provide therapeutic supports to help you apply or strengthen the skills you need to live independently, including:

                • Language and communication
                • Mobility and movement
                • Interacting with other people
                • Community living

                  Care support and training

                  We can provide support and training for carers to help manage the everyday activities relating to caring for a person with a disability. This includes our specialist Dementia Advisory Service.

                  General Information
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                  We are able to be your single point of contact for anything NDIS related. We will work with you to secure whatever services you need, whether we provide the services ourselves or partner with another provider.

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