What happens next?

  1. Short-listing: After the closing date applications are short-listed by the selection panel and if you are successful in being short-listed you will be contacted for an interview.
  2. Interviewing: The purpose of the interview is to provide you with the opportunity to expand on information presented in your application, and to enable the panel to gather further information for the assessment process. The interview will normally be structured so that each interviewee will be asked a series of identical questions based on the selection criteria.
  3. Post Interview: After interviews are complete, the selection panel will choose a further short-list of applicants to proceed through the following testing:
    • Reference check – The selection panel will seek information from your nominated referees about your potential or demonstrated ability to meet the selection criteria. Referees will only be contacted after you have provided us with permission to do so.
    • Psychometric / aptitude testing (as required) – From time to time, psychometric tests will be used in the recruitment and selection process. The results will not be used solely as the basis on which a decision to appoint is made, but will be used in conjunction with both the interview and referee report outcomes.
    • Police screening – All Ozcare staff are required to submit a current Police screen check. Please use this link as there are many websites that do police checks which aren’t accepted. Your Police screen check must be submitted prior to commencing employment.
    • Blue card / yellow card – In addition to police screening, all Ozcare staff who have direct contact with children under 18 years or adults with disabilities must undergo a Blue Card or Yellow Card Check.
  4. Selection and Appointment: Ozcare is an equal opportunity employer. The applicant who demonstrates the highest overall level or merit will be selected for the position. The successful applicant will be offered the position as soon as possible after a decision has been reached. All unsuccessful applicants who are interviewed will be notified by email or post.