Wheelchair Rugby success for Garry and Ozcare’s Allied Health team

Image Rugby Wheelchair 3 (with Ot) Garry Best 20210831

A keen wheelchair rugby player who was having difficulties with the standard ‘pool’ wheelchairs sought the assistance of Ozcare’s Allied Health team to have his own custom-made wheelchair for his beloved sport.

Garry, who has been playing wheelchair rugby for over 3 years with Mates 4 Mates, had to borrow wheelchairs from the wheelchair pool that were not suitable for his needs.

In an effort to help, Ozcare Occupational Therapist, Robyn Cordingley (pictured with Garry above), completed an assessment, equipment trial and report to NDIS for supply of a new wheelchair and Garry was successful in having this approved.

Garry’s very own wheelchair for playing wheelchair rugby now allows him to reach the ground to pick up the ball, is sized for him to sit comfortably and will allow him to exercise and train hard to excel at his favourite sport.

He has already tried his new wheelchair and had some great tackles at training where he has dented the front of his chair and it has stood up to the rugby tackle test!

Well done Garry – it was our absolute pleasure to help you and we know you will keep achieving great things!