The Joy of Empowering Others

Puneet Ozcare Trebonne

When women support and inspire one another – incredible things happen.  With today being International Women’s Day, we wanted to share another amazing Ozcare woman’s story and introduce you to Puneet.

Puneet’s journey is one of strength, courage, empathy and passion.  From her mother’s inspiration to her own success, Puneet is a woman committed to empowering others.  Starting with her daughter and extending to her colleagues and all those under her care, empowerment is something Puneet lives and breathes, and a quality she takes pride in.

Puneet commenced with Ozcare as a 3rd year Registered Nurse in 2015 in our tropical Port Douglas facility. In her eight incredible years with Ozcare, Puneet has progressed through various roles ranging from Clinical Nurse and Clinical Care Manager to her current position in facility management.

Now our Facility Manager at Magdalene Villa Aged Care in Trebonne, Far North Queensland, we asked Puneet…who inspired you to be the incredible human that you are?  Her answer was simple .. her mum.

Puneet’s mother was one of five girls and the only sibling to complete her education – going on to work as a medical professional for the past 40 years.

“My mother raised me to believe and back myself – empowering and encouraging me and others around her to strive for a better education. She said education and knowledge are key to bringing change and moving forward. It is a great accomplishment to see people developing in their careers whom I had a chance to mentor at one stage” said Puneet.

In the last few years, Puneet has had staff who have gone on to complete their own studies and have since enrolled in Certificate 111 courses, Diplomas, Degrees and other educational programs.  For Puneet, it’s all about empowering others.  All it takes to help others reach their potential is a positive word, a friendly chat, offering support or providing some guidance.

“Hopefully, they will pass this successful cycle to the coming generation for a better world. It genuinely brings me great satisfaction to see people achieve their goals”.

Well said Puneet!  You are an inspiration to all those who are blessed to know you and Ozcare and far north Queensland are very fortunate to have you.