Motorised scooter supports increased independence

Wayne Scooter 4

Wayne (pictured) is one of our valued clients from the Rockhampton branch who started with Ozcare back in 2014. In 2016, Wayne was assigned a Home Care Package and chose to stay on with Ozcare as he found all the staff to be very helpful.

Wayne is a quiet, independent man who never asks for much.  In 2021 during his annual review, Wayne mentioned that he was struggling to get up the stairs in his high-set unit.  The Assistant Coordinator asked Wayne if he would like Ozcare’s assistance in locating a low-set unit which would be more suitable to his current needs.  Following confirmation from Wayne that he would be interested in considering other options, Ozcare got to work.  Long story short, with the help of Anglicare, Ozcare was able to support Wayne find a new place to call home.

The next goal to help Wayne achieve was assistance with accessing the community independently.  Wayne never thought this would be possible and agreed to have Ozcare’s Occupational Therapist come out and do an assessment for a motorised scooter. Wayne passed his assessment with flying colours and was super excited to trial the scooter which he found to be a perfect match.  On top of that, the scooter came in his favorite colour – green!

Wayne was over the moon when his new scooter arrived in July.  He is now able to get out-and-about and do things he was never able to do before –  even the simple joy of going up the road to get a pie!

Ozcare continues to support Wayne with a variety of services including social support to access the community.  The scooter though has given him a sense of independence which he has not had in a long time.

He is very grateful to Occupational Therapist, Angela, Assistant Coordinator Community Care, Judith and Ozcare for enabling him to get back into the community independently.

We look forward to supporting Wayne and hearing more great stories about the daily adventures his scooter now makes possible.  Keep up the great work Wayne!