Lego proving a wonderful outlet to keep the mind active for this 94 year old


Doug Frazer reignited his love of cars through Lego almost 70 years after his passion for the automotive industry began. Ahead of his 94th birthday celebrations next month, Doug has completed multiple imaginative and impressive Lego projects.

Since moving to Ozcare at Currimundi Gardens with his wife Judy last year, Ozcare’s community has loved watching Doug explore and develop his imaginative and creative side. It has been inspiring!

Since setting about on Doug’s Lego mission, late last year, Doug has built a VW Kombi van, a replica White House and a five-storey English village out of Lego.

As one of the initial mechanics at one of Australia’s first VW factories, Doug said the Kombi van he built with son John’s help was his favourite. “I worked at Volkswagen in Glen Innes after WWII, and we worked on the Kombis – it was the only vehicle of its kind that was available. “While I was there, we were the first manufacturer to make a million cars.

“We fitted out big fleets of Kombi vans with ladders for the Postmaster General and Telecom.

Doug reflected on his now Lego building noting, “It’s definitely not the same as getting the grease on your hands, but it’s a great feeling when you finish it off”.

The Great-Grandfather said, “I’m building a VW Beatle now, but there are all sorts of cars. It could turn out to be an expensive hobby. There are even Lego Lamborghinis.”

With more than 4,000 pieces to a set, Doug said his wife Judy also enjoyed his new hobby as much as he does. “She comes and makes a menace of herself – she loves it; she thinks it is great when I am finished,” he joked.

Doug truly sums up Lego building experiences beautifully “It is really a wonderful outlet to keep your mind active.”

Ozcare Currimundi Gardens truly believes in fostering and welcoming their community to live their best lives by keeping their minds active. Retirement simply allows us more time to open our eyes and see how many new adventures await us.