International Nurses Day

Blog International Nurses Day

Ozcare employs over 380 qualified nurses, including Clinical Nurses, Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses, who work tirelessly across our services to provide compassionate and professional nursing care.

This International Nurses Day, we would like to recognise the great work of all of our nurses by sharing just one story, of the many stories we hear, of how our nurses help clients like Christine manage health conditions and improve their quality of life.

Christine (63) works alongside her husband of 44 years, operating a service station 70km north of Rockhampton. For the last 10 years, Christine has been living with a severe leg wound that is prone to infection.

After ending up in hospital 2 years ago, she was put in touch with Ozcare. Christine tells us she feels lucky because that’s when she met her Ozcare family.

“I am absolutely convinced that if it wasn’t for Adonna, Bec, Rachel, Eleanor, and all the nurses at Ozcare, I wouldn’t have a leg,” Christine said.

“It is only with their constant care and professionalism that my left leg and more recently my right leg are still intact. I also feel that it is only due to Adonna and Bec that I am still alive. Their quick thinking and professionalism has saved my life on several occasions.”

Living 40 minutes out of town and unable to drive, Christine is also very appreciative of our transport services which she uses for her numerous medical appointments.

“The carers that drive me are such nice ladies,” Christine said. “I do have one special one, her name is Karen. After being severely depressed from my long-term disability, Karen has helped me learn to laugh again.”

Christine is so grateful for Ozcare’s help, that she recently wrote a letter commending all of our staff, saying how she truly believes Ozcare feels like home, just like the song (our jingle) says.

“Each and every person you meet makes you feel like you are part of the Ozcare family,” Christine said. “Even though there are a lot of other people involved in my care, the only time I feel safe and confident in my care is when I am with Ozcare.”