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Denis has spent his whole life working for himself. He calls himself a, “jack of all trades and master of none,” but his talent speaks for itself.

In 1974, Denis received a letter from Parliament House commending him on his workmanship (his company refurbished the Legislative Assembly in NSW), and in 1989 he received an Australian Design Award for his furniture range.

Now in his 70s, Denis spends his time collecting metal items to turn into works of art. He’s passionate about sharing his wood turning skills with others and committed to nurturing his remarkable orchid collection.

Ozcare Care Assistant, Darryl Frost, said Denis’ work is brilliant.

“What Denis has done in the face of quite considerable adversity… it’s impressive,” Darryl said. “He’s maintained purpose and a positive attitude.”

Denis is on a Level 4 Home Care Package with Ozcare. Earlier this year, Denis had to have his left leg amputated due to his diabetes. Finding himself in a wheelchair, Denis faced his biggest hurdle – how to keep up his projects?

“I couldn’t get wheelchair access out to the front or back of my house, which meant I couldn’t get to my workshop, vege garden or orchids. I’ve got to be active, I find it very hard to be still,” Denis said.

“Ozcare worked with me to have my package fund outdoor paving to help me move around outside. I now have full access to get around my property and it means everything!”

Darryl said Denis is one of his most varied clients.

“I see Denis fortnightly and we are always doing something different,” Darryl said. “We’ve restacked timber, reorganised his tool shop, I take him to the supermarket, help him with projects he is working on… anything he needs.”

“It’s assistance to help keep me living,” Denis said. “Without Ozcare I wouldn’t be able to keep doing what I love.”