Case Study – Mental Health Recovery Program

Blog Case Study Mental Health Recovery Program

This mental health week, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the wonderful support being provided in our mental health services. Below is a case study, direct from our Mental Health Recovery Program, about one individual client’s journey and how she has managed to rediscover meaning and purpose with the support of Ozcare.

Jane (name has been changed for anonymity) has experienced past trauma, including a stroke and the passing of her husband. Prior to the stroke Jane was very community orientated, volunteering and assisting with her children’s sports, shows and swimming carnivals. Jane also worked as an accountant.

After her stroke, Jane was faced with the challenging task of learning to walk, talk and live an independent life again. Sadly, Jane’s husband was diagnosed with cancer during her rehabilitation, and not long after the diagnosis, Jane’s husband passed away.

Due to her stroke and her husband’s passing, Jane’s family home was repossessed by the bank. Jane and her three daughters were left homeless and under great financial pressure. At this time, Jane and her daughters were supported by Ozcare’s Mobile Support Program to find suitable housing and she was referred to Ozcare’s Mental Health Recovery Program.

Jane was supported with weekly meetings and she took an active role in her case planning and goal setting. As Jane’s confidence improved so did her ability to be more independent and sociable.

With Ozcare’s support, Jane said she now feels empowered to take control of her life.

“This is an amazing opportunity to live my own life and to do things for myself. I have been given a second chance.”

Jane found the program’s group activities of Tai Chi, yoga and meditation really helpful with her depression and anxiety, and while she no longer feels she needs support from Ozcare, she is still motivated to attend these sessions.

“I really enjoy the group activities, they give me the opportunity to meet new people and use my creativity in a safe space”.

As a service provider, watching Jane’s journey has been inspiring. We have watched a person who has experienced great adversity and loss, utilise her abilities and skill set to continue on with the future, whilst maintaining hope and dignity. Jane has worked around her barriers by utilising her support networks, including her daughters and Ozcare’s support workers.

Jane has been able to move forward, despite her disability and the loss of her husband. Jane has seen she is still valued and needed by her community and family, and is now in a much happier place and looking forward to the future.