Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Blog Breaking The Cycle Of Domestic Violence

Author – Anonymous

My journey began when I decided to break the cycle of domestic violence. I knew in my heart this was not how I wanted to live my life or the way I wanted my children to grow up.

This happened in the end of May 2018. I was scared and felt alone, being moved from one motel to another with my two small boys, not knowing where we would end up in life.

On the first of June, I was at the train station, scared and having a panic attack, not knowing how I was going to cope with two young boys who needed a strong mother to take care of them, which in my mind at the time, I thought I was not.

This is how I became to be at a women’s refuge, in the care of Ozcare and their wonderful support workers.

My first day here I felt so scared and alone and so full of my own self-doubt. I believed I was not strong enough to cope in any way, let alone take care and provide for my two young boys, who had become so unsettled and out of control.

Within a few weeks, I started doing workshops, courses and counselling that helped me see and start to believe in myself again.

Also, with treatment for my major depression and anxiety, and the help of things like the 1-2-3 Magic and Circle of Security courses, I have been able to manage my children better and get them into a routine.

With the help of a relaxation course, I have learned to let things go and help quiet my mind, and with my counselling sessions, I have learned that I am not to blame for all that has happened in my relationship.

From meeting the other women that have come here also, I have learned that I am not alone in these situations.

Throughout my journey, I have discovered within myself that I am worth more. I am stronger than I thought and I have more confidence. I am also proud of myself for all my achievements and self-realisations.

As my time comes to an end here, I am thankful and grateful for the wonderful support workers that are available to us and who walk beside us on this road to independence and recovery.