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Our Toowoomba Community Care client, Don Shelton, fondly known as Bluey who is featured in our television commercial for our new Toowoomba aged care facility, has a long history with Ozcare.

He’s a talented musician who first encountered our services seven years ago as an entertainer. As part of the trio, The Blue Beats, Bluey would regularly sing and play the guitar for clients attending our Oakey and Toowoomba day respite centres.

4 years ago, when Bluey’s wife of more than 40 years, Val, started to experience some health issues. Ozcare stepped in to give Val showers and help out with housework, meal preparation and allied health services.

“It meant the world to us,” Bluey said.

“At our stage of life, you start to slow down. We both had health problems… things we couldn’t do. When Val was sick and I needed help, I’d call the office and Ozcare would have someone here within 10 to 15 minutes.

The staff are absolutely fantastic – it’s their attitude, nothing is too much trouble. It’s care straight from the heart and that makes them number one.”

Ozcare is opening their twelfth aged care facility in Queensland with their new 150-bed Toowoomba facility due to welcome its first residents in April. Bluey said that both he and Val were excited about it.

“We’ve been living here 10 years and we were both planning on moving into Ozcare’s facility in Greenwattle Street when it opened.

“Val was looking forward to it because she knew how hard it was for me looking after her with my health problems, it was a 24/7 job,” Bluey said.

“She could no longer do anything for herself, she was mostly bedridden, so she was keen to get professional help to take the load off my shoulders.”

Sadly, Val passed away just before Christmas, however Bluey still has his heart set on moving in.

“I miss her but in a way, it’s a blessing… that’s why I’m looking forward to getting in there, this is what Val wanted so this is what I’ll do.

Bluey has had a few health scares recently and tells us he’ll feel safer once he is living with Ozcare.

“I had to call the paramedics at 2am the other morning, when you’re on your own and you can’t breathe… it’s a bit hard. I know I’ll be safer in there with professional help and I know the staff will be first class,” Bluey said.

“I would never go to anyone else, I’ll stay with Ozcare. I’ll start a new life, and somehow I’m looking forward to it.”