Ozcare’s Allied Health team driving positive change

Ah Lisa

Lisa was initially referred to Ozcare Occupational Therapy to help her access the downstairs area of her home; a task she found difficult due to the dangers associated with going down the internal stairs. Lisa (pictured above) had also not left her home for many years.

In an effort to resolve the issue, Jake, Ozcare’s Occupational Therapist, was able to complete a complex home modification application and was granted approval from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) within three days. Within weeks a custom stairlift was installed to open the world up to Lisa.

For Lisa, as with many people that live at home with a disability, the bathroom was an extreme safety risk that was also a barrier to independence. Jake worked with Lisa to design a bathroom that would not only promote safety but also her independence in the daily task of showering.

The NDIS came to the party again and approved Jake’s Occupational Therapy recommendation for a level access wet-room bathroom.  This has changed Lisa’s life for good!

Along with the complex home modifications, Jake has also prescribed Lisa with multiple pieces of assistive technology to make her daily life easier, such as a lift chair, wheelchair and an adjustable bed.

Lisa was further referred by Jake to Physiotherapist Matt, to address Lisa’s concern about her leg brace and her lack of ability to walk independent of the home environment. Lisa had not walked independently for some time and had to start from a very de-conditioned state.

With perseverance and patience, Lisa has progressed from a four-point stick, to a single-point stick – improving her balance, gait, and confidence to walk independently. Her goal is to gain the ability to freely access the community without having to use her wheelchair. Her challenge is great, but she has the full support of Ozcare Allied Health behind her.

Lisa is now fully set up at home, enjoys getting out and about in the community and is the final stages of writing her second book.

Keep kicking your goals, Lisa!  It’s been a privilege and a joy to help you achieve your goals and we look forward to continuing to support you and cheer you on in all that you do.