A Lifetime of Caring

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35 years is a long time in anyone’s book, which is why it is an absolute honour to recognise Glenda McCarthy, Clinical Nurse at Ozcare Toowoomba for her outstanding service.

When Glenda started with Ozcare in 1983, formerly St Vincent de Paul, she joined Kay Young to provide nursing services to Oakey and extended country areas of Jondaryan, Maclagan, Quinalow, Biddeston, Gowrie Little Plains and Kingsthorpe.

Things were definitely different back then. There was only one car so one RN would walk and service the township while the other would take the car and do the country run.

If Glenda was doing the town visits she often rode her push bike and if her husband was away for work she would put her baby on her back and do the visit.

“You did whatever was required to get the job done,” said Glenda. Glenda remembers clients’ washing in copper wash tubs and using washing boards, if a second visit was required in the afternoon, it was always done in your own time.

It wasn’t unusual for Glenda to hear Sister Veronica, her supervisor say, “You will get your rewards in Heaven dear.”

In 1986 Glenda was instrumental in opening the day respite centre in Oakey with a donation of $100 from Local Lions Club and proudly this service is still going strong today.

In 1993 the Oakey office closed much to the dismay of the local community and Glenda joined staff in Toowoomba.

Glenda is well known in Oakey due to the number of people she has cared for over the years. It isn’t unusual to bump into someone who is happy to tell you at length about the nursing care they’ve received from her.

Fondly known for her no nonsense straight talking, Glenda loves her clients and is an exceptional nurse.

Reflecting on the past 35 years, Glenda said, “While there has been many name changes over the years, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the high standard of professional care that is given to our clients.”

Glenda celebrated her 35 year service award on 23 February surrounded by colleagues, family and friends.

Ozcare is very proud of Glenda’s achievements over the years and her ability to adapt to change. She has dedicated her life to caring for others and this is truly inspiring.

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