2022 Annual Report now Available

Annual Report 2022

We’re pleased to advise that Ozcare’s Annual Report for 2022 is now available.  This year’s theme – “Making Hearts Smile” – is a reflection of all the wonderful work the team here does, and we commend them on their continued passion and commitment.

The CEO’s Report as featured in this year’s annual report is included below.  To view the full report, visit: Ozcare – Annual Reports

Chief Executive Officer’s Report

I am pleased to report that Ozcare has delivered a strong financial result in 2022.

We continue to expand our footprint with the acquisition of new business and the development of exciting new projects. The strength of our organisation lies within our staff. Their humility and dedication to working with our clients to support them to live full lives, sees Ozcare held in high esteem by our community.

Our People

In our 26th year of operation, what stands out to me is the longevity of our staff and the quality of the new hires we are attracting. Ozcare is fortunate to have many long–serving staff. It’s not unusual to come across employees that have served 5, 10, 15 and 20 plus years.

The loyalty of our staff is reflected in the family-like culture that exists at Ozcare. It provides a welcoming environment for our new employees and encourages long, trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Our people are the backbone of our organisation. Their valuable contribution is directly correlated with our success. I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts of each staff member and volunteer over the past 12 months.

Strategic Vision

While taking care of our community, we work towards our goal of being Queensland’s leading provider of aged care, community and health services within the next five years.

Aged Care Living

We continue to grow and further enhance our aged care facilities to meet consumer demand through a focus on effective communication with our residents and their families. This helps us to understand and exceed expectations and ensures families know their loved one is in good hands no matter what situation arises.

We have thorough procedures and processes in place to ensure consistent high–quality care across our 16 facilities. We continue to invest in our aged care portfolio through refurbishment plans and the construction of Villa Rosalie, our newest facility in Newstead, Brisbane and our replacement plan for Palm Lodge.

Community Care

It is pleasing to service our highest number of home care packages and provide supports to our largest number of NDIS participants to date. These numbers continue to steadily grow, and it reflects our commitment to further develop and personalise our services to support a greater number of older Australians and people with a disability to live independently at home.

Retirement Living

Retirement living is a significant growth space for Ozcare. With the transfer of ownership of Delamore Retirement Community to Ozcare in February, we now own and operate five retirement villages with our flagship, Rendu Towers, under construction at Newstead. We are firm in our vision to co–locate retirement villages with our aged care facilities and support village residents with community care services.


Ozcare is committed to raising the profile of Canossa Private Hospital and maximising its full potential. This year we saw the commissioning of an additional ward to achieve full occupancy of all 94 beds. Staff have been working hard to increase service levels and acquire longer–term contracts ensuring referrals, revenue streams and ultimately, the financial position of the hospital is in a secure position going forward.


I am beyond grateful for the individuals that make up our Ozcare community. To our clients and their families, thank you for your continued support. To our wonderful staff and volunteers, thank you for your hard work and compassionate care. To my leadership team, thank you for your passion, strong direction and guidance of your teams. To the board of directors, your continued support and good governance safeguards our success.


Tony Godfrey
Chief Executive Officer